Dealing with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease requires utmost patience and flexibility. Most of the time these individuals get frustrated and distracted while coping with changes. Therefore, to help reduce frustrations and distractions, here are a few home health care practices that should to be considered.

Set a sensible schedule
Schedule each and every task in a proper and sensible manner. For example, if you are scheduling bathing or medical appointments, do it when the person is alert and typically more aware during the day. Also, keep flexibility in between the routines.

Schedule more time
Generally, people with Alzheimer’s disease take more time to do a certain tasks that they used to do easily before. So, you need to have patience and schedule more time so that you don’t need to hurry them up or rush them through certain routines.

Make them get involved in every task
Although you need to assist them to do tasks, let them do most of the tasks with the least amount of assistance so that they gain confidence.

Keep choices in front of them
Try to keep choices in front of them every day like keeping two different outfits to decide from, and try asking them if they would like a cold or hot beverage.

Simple and Clear Instructions
A person with Alzheimer’s understands clear communication. So keep it simple for them. Also, keep distractions like television turned off while communicating so that they get less distracted and can concentrate on single tasks at a time.

Most importantly, you need to be flexible with them and schedule your routines according to their personal routines. Many healthcare agencies offer professional memory care for these people and help make family life less stressful while coping with cognitive diseases.

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