Most senior adults agree that they would prefer to stay in their own homes and preserve as much freedom as possible. But, most homes are not equipped like health care facilities that meet the needs of older adults or individuals who need special care. Furthermore, unsafe homes lead to accidents or falls of seniors in their homes thousands of times per year! Nearly one-third of the senior population falls each year, with more than 70% of those occurring in their own home. By partnering with health care agencies in Monmouth County you can stay safe with proper care in your home environment. Our home care aides and nurses will help to identify the potential hazards and make the best recommendations to keep you safe in your home.

Our expert home health care team in Monmouth County have experienced and skilled nurses, staff, and home health aides to provide quality care to people of every age and every stage of life. We are also focused on protection, strength, and ambulation training, with or without any assistive devices. Our home health care services help keep your loved ones safe and help to keep you secure at home every day. However, we specify some home safety tips that our home health care staff will review with you ensuring a safer home health care environment:

• Keep all of your pathways clear of clutter and pets

• Install smoke detectors

• Keep emergency numbers within reach of your telephone

• Keep fire extinguishers serviced and throughout your home

• Use medication precautions

• Make sure that loose cords, such as telephone wires, are tucked under furniture and out of the way

• Rearrange furniture to keep walkways clear

• Remove all throw rugs or secure tightly to the floor and ensure there are no edges that could be a tripping hazard

• Check all furniture for stability and ensure unsteady furniture is removed or repaired

• Don’t walk over or around cords or wires

• Avoid the use of extension cords and don’t place them over walkways

• Lift up feet when walking and walk with proper equipment as prescribed

• Install automatic nightlights that turn on when the room is dark so that pathways are lit if you get up in the night

• Make sure to use chemicals according to the directions mentioned, and keep it properly stored. Drain cleaners, bleaches, and strong acids can be dangerous if mixed, causing dangerous gasses

As a comprehensive Health care agency in Monmouth County, we work with a goal to help seniors attain their desired lifestyles within the comfort of home. We’re always pleased to make available the best home safety assessments and recommendations on how to make your lifestyle better and risk-free. Our home health care service in Monmouth County offers the full range of home health care services and care programs to be implemented in order to enhance care and safety for your loved ones! Contact us any time at 732-722-7800 to learn more!