The variety of home health care services the patient receives at home is limitless! To meet the need of certain situations health care agencies in Mercer County deliver appropriate care for your loved one’s personal and medical needs. It may also be difficult for you to accept the fact that seniors and aging loved ones need specialized health care and support. CareBridge Home Care is one of the most trusted health care agencies in Mercer County which develops and supervises each client’s unique nursing care plan. CareBridge provides different types of in-home health care services to help live independently, as long as possible, at home.

Personal Care
Home Health care agencies in Mercer County care for your personal hygiene and home safety with licensed private aides. This could help prevent avoidable accidents and also help with medication adherence. CareBridge’s compassionate, well-informed, and skilled home care professionals strive to provide you convenience, security, and peace-of-mind. CareBridge is committed to providing superior personal home care services. The fully-screened and certified personal care attendants on their team are best equipped to assist you with your everyday tasks, including eating, bathing, or light housework. CareBridge’s policy is to hire the caregivers that exemplify compassion and empathy that match with your personality, care needs and lifestyle. So, you get excellent home care service right at your our familiar environment. Their home health care in Mercer County also helps you evaluate your needs, both in terms of the level of care and finances.

Home Health Care

Senior Home Care Services
Caring for seniors and individuals struggling at home need long-term care planning. Sometimes family members play the role of caregivers due to the need of the situation. Senior care facilities such as adult day centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes may not always be the right fit and can sometimes be expensive. Family members may realize they need help and begin searching for reliable and specialized solutions for their loved ones. CareBridge’s Home health care services are a combination of non-medical and skilled in-home nursing care. It enables seniors and others to live independently in their homes as long as possible.

Transitional home care 
Transitional home care is specialized care provided in-home care following hospitalization. Leaving the hospital or skilled nursing facility after major surgery may lead to critical health and social problems for some people. Working closely with  a home health care agency in Mercer County, in most of the cases, can assist clients in preventing these related issues. Our team professionally delivers home health care that truly helps to reduce unwanted outcomes like re-hospitalization, medication errors, falls, and much more. CareBridge will possibly even help ease the long-term healthcare costs by preventing advancing health conditions. Their Mercer County home health care offers the most skilled services and expertise that can help you positively progress with a safe and healthy recovery in your home.

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