Those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia or any other serious health issues require constant support and assistance. This constant support becomes difficult for family members to find the time due to their work schedules and other priorities. Therefore, hiring hourly caregivers is sometimes the best way to handle these situations efficiently.

Here are a few reasons why hourly home care in NJ is a viable solution for caring for seniors who need the extra help at home:

The costs of nursing homes are on the rise
Hourly care for seniors is less expensive than that of nursing home costs that are on the rising. Hourly home care prices have remained comparatively stable over the past five years.

Medicare does not cover the costs for long-term care
Almost every senior has Medicare that pays for their permanent residency in a long term care facility. However, you must understand that Medicare only pays for specific and short-term situations such as for a person who is recovering from a particular injury or illness. It is a misconception among seniors, as well as their peers and family, that Medicare covers anything related to medical. Visiting your doctor, pharmacy costs, and medical equipment outside the home are covered by Medicare. However, the custodial care such as room and board, utilities and staff (aides to assist seniors in performing activities of daily living (ADLs) like feeding and bathing) are not covered under Medicare.

So, before rushing into any decision, you must look into all options available for seniors including hourly caregivers at home. By exploring different options you will get an idea about how and which method can be suitable for senior family members. Also, various studies have shown that home care is 80% less expensive than a nursing home solution. And, the one-on-one attention given by NJ hourly caregivers in the comforts of home is more appealing to most individuals over an institutional setting. Thus, helping to keep seniors in their preferred setting while saving money seems to be the solution that is palatable to most.

We at CareBridge Home Health Care employ the most qualified hourly caregivers in NJ to fit your personal needs and aim to provide seniors with the most consistent and reliable care available. Being a home health care organization, we believe that our caregivers are our essential assets and we invest heavily in recruiting, personally interviewing, properly screening and training the caregivers with best possible techniques and methods. To know more about our services contact us today at 732-722-7800.