It’s tranquil to sit by a window in your Ocean County home and watch the snow fall; however, winter brings along various hazards for all ages. The icy walkways, the harsh driving conditions, and the low temperatures can cause a varied range of injuries for anyone. Senior adults are at a higher risk as they can suffer from pneumonia, flu, and low immunity. However, if you have home healthcare in Ocean County from CareBridge Home Care, LLC, older adults can have better care for themselves and avoid the effect of winter-related struggles. It is good to know what home health aides can do to protect seniors as the temperature drops. We have discussed here a few tips that will help senior members of your family stay safe and healthy during the coldest days of the year.

Home Health Care in Ocean County

Make the home winter ready
When a senior member is staying independently at home rather than in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, it is important to make certain that the house is winter ready. The house needs to be ideally insulated and there should not be any drafts or leaks. CareBridge’s caregivers ensure that the house is ready for the winter and that your senior family members do not have a bitter experience this winter. As they are one of the reputable home health care agencies in Ocean County, their caregivers can make the home winter ready on the first day they are at the home. Your loved ones will be having a comfortable winter this year while they are with the caregivers that CareBridge Home Care can arrange.

Dress warmly
If a senior family member requires help to select clothes and help to wear them, their caregivers will always be ready to assist them ideally for the winter season. With Ocean County home care from CareBridge you can be certain that your loved ones will be properly dressed when inside or even when they travel outside. Safety is first, and they will be properly dressed to avoid hypothermia and not suffer from associated health risks like slips or falls.

Prevent snow-related injuries
During winter after a snowfall, it becomes dangerous to walk outside. Older family members suffering from muscle weakness can have a fall and suffer serious injuries if left unattended while walking outside. CareBridge’s caregivers will always accompany them so that if they lose balance their caregivers can offer the necessary support.

Have an emergency plan in place
CareBridge’s caregivers will have an emergency winter plan in place. Having such a plan will be possible for them to tackle any emergency that may occur. They will have a stock of essential medicines and first aid so that in case of any emergency they can offer the best treatment before the paramedics arrive.

So, if this winter you need to have some of the best home health care services in Ocean County call CareBridge Home Care at 732-722-7800.