Home health care agencies strive to provide care with compassion, professionalism and integrity. CareBridge Home health care in New Jersey goes beyond the traditional methods in guaranteeing that patients receive exceptional quality care. They believe that managing expectations and delivering reliable, individualized care with compassion, respect, and integrity is paramount in their agency approach to care. The highest quality non-medical support they provide will allow their clients and their loved one’s to find peace-of-mind while maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle.

CareBridge Home Health Care is state licensed and rigorously screen of all their nurses, caregivers, and staff to ensure this quality of care. They also establish a personalized care plan that facilitates improving the health of their clients. They take pride in what they do, and that comes through in the quality of their care offered from their health care agency in New Jersey.

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Here are just a few care programs that makes CareBridge top in their industry.

In-Home Care
CareBridge is well-established among health care agencies in New Jersey in providing exceptional in-home care services to all clients. They support and improve the lives and well-being of individuals, irrespective their age or condition. Their expert, experienced, certified, and friendly caregivers work as per the specific needs of their clients in assisting with everyday tasks and companionship. Also, they provide personal care for clients, including bathing, meal preparation, ambulation support and other ‘hands on’ care.

Skilled Nursing Care
CareBridge is a recognized health care agency in NJ with on-staff Registered Nurses that provide assistance with directing the care process of all clients. Our experienced and attentive nurses will support clients as per the client’s physician’s advice and orders. They will also help clients follow specific medication instructions as prescribed by the physician. The home health care they offer also includes post-surgical care, therapy management, and much more.

Rehabilitation Care
Are you recovering from illness, injury or returned from a medical facility after surgery? CareBridge’s home health care in New Jersey can coordinate care in the home with occupational, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Their licensed and compassionate aides can help with maintaining therapy routines as directed by professional therapists. This practice will ultimately enhance the client’s health and everyday living experience and ultimately help in a quicker recovery.

Social Services
Being reputable among health care agencies in New Jersey, CareBridge understands that each client has their own unique set of needs. Therfore, our staff care managers initially consult with you to understand your specific needs and coordinate care with their in-house nurses to fulfill those requests. Their community support recommendations also include long-term residential placement, meal programs, rehab therapy, support groups, and more in meeting the client’s specific requirements.

Care Management
CareBridge has years of business experience in the home health care field, and they know how much time and effort it takes preparing for a proper home care program. CareBridge is available 24/7 for conducting physical, psychological, and social evaluations to design and implement an exceptional health care plan for loved ones.