The majority of older adults and physically disabled people want to stay in the comfort of their own homes. But most of them may need additional assistance to have a safe life in their home. They need some home health care assistance at each step of their life. You can’t beat the benefits offered by in-home health care. But many people never give it much thought! And, lack of care at home prevent them from living happier, healthier lives on their terms.

Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of this option due to certain assumptions and misconceptions surrounding home health care. To help make an informed decision about whether home health care is suitable for their needs. People should become familiar with the following common myths and corresponding facts.

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It is too expensive

It is possible to have a live-in private home care or rotating 24-hour care for less than the cost of living in a nursing facility. This can help you stay active and independent while dealing with serious health issues. In addition, it will save you investing in equipment needed to provide all the care you need right in your own home. It allows your life to stay as normal as possible. So investing in home health care means investing in your health and saving the bank account.

Low-quality service compared to care provided in hospital facilities.

Even the most expensive residential facilities often struggle to give clients the attention they deserve. Private home care agencies employ licensed, skilled professionals. They can provide similar types of care as a hospital but in a less rushed and more comfortable setting. They evaluate other needs you may have, such as an organized system to manage medications or ways to make you feel comfortable and avoid further injury.

Home health care means losing independence.

The goal of home health care is to keep you independent and safe at home for as long as possible. The home health team will provide you with tips and tools and will check in with you to see how you’re doing. They don’t do this to limit your freedom. Rather they allow you to safely manage daily tasks even after the end of your home health care services.

You can’t trust a stranger in your home.

CareBridge Home Care ia a quality home health care provider in NJ and they hire staff through screenings and ongoing training. It ensures the team going into your home is one you can trust. They provide experienced home health care professionals who can quickly build rapport, get to know you, and help you feel at ease. Within a few visits, many clients say the home health team makes them feel like a second family.

Don’t need home health care as I live with my family.

Family caregivers are critical to your safety at home, and home healthcare providers cannot replace them. But they can offer an additional layer of support that most family members cannot provide. The home health team also provides support when you are feeling a lot of stress.

It is only for people who were recently discharged from the hospital or a rehab facility.

If you qualify for home health care, you can be referred by your doctor without first being admitted to a hospital or rehabilitation facility. This is frequently the case for eligible individuals who have multiple chronic health conditions, as well as, those who have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness or are having difficulty managing daily tasks.

Find compassionate and personal care.

Inviting health care professional into your home is not the same as visiting a doctor’s office or staying in an upscale nursing home for an extended period. They try to get to know you and meet your needs. You’ll start to rely on them for emotional and physical support. Your nurse will be a companion, employee, caregiver, and close friend all rolled into one. Given that, you’ll probably feel more at ease discussing your concerns and asking questions.

Reap the rewards of home health care

Call CareBridge Home Care before you decide that private home care agencies in NJ are too expensive for your family. You will be amazed by the affordability and your quality of life, and their healthcare service will let you leave a safe and comfortable life. Contact CareBridge today for more information on private home health care services at 732-722-7800.