Comprehensive Background Screening During Recruitment

Every home health care candidate is personally interviewed at our main office in New Jersey to confirm their eligibility and compatibility as a caregiver. Once the aide’s knowledge, background, personality, training and skills meet our strict guidelines, we will proceed with a meticulous reference & background check. We have found that some home care organizations only perform a casual background check while recruiting caregivers. Presently, there’s no NJ law requiring organizations to check backgrounds, but we strongly believe that a background check is a necessary step in assuring our quality of care.

What Do We Verify?

Our comprehensive background checking procedures provide professional insight of our potential caregivers’ background encompassing:

  • Social Security Number (SSN) Verification is performed to match a potential caregiver’s name with his or her SSN and to determine in which county the potential caregiver has inhabited.
  • Criminal Search analyzes criminal history at the Federal, State and County levels to disclose any criminal activity within the last 7 years.
  • National Criminal Database Search is employed as an additional search to make sure there are no criminal records outside the searched counties.
  • Motor Vehicle Report checked to reveal motor vehicle associated issues such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence), accidents and suspended licenses, and also other related offenses.
  • Sex Offender Search analyzes the past of each potential applicant for sex-associated offenses.

Our Caregivers Are Employed by CareBridge

As an added protection for our clients, all of our aides are employees of CareBridge Home Health Care and are not merely referred to you through an agency-style relationship. Why?

  • First, this offers a greater amount of quality control over our employees and the home care service we deliver.
  • We strictly follow NJ’s Industrial Welfare Commission’s Order No. 15-2001, which controls the hours, salaries, and working states of family occupations.
  • To cover a majority of work-associated injuries for caregivers we offer Worker’s Compensation insurance.
  • We provide unemployment insurance for our caregivers to protect our clients from being charged with back fees in the event a caregiver were to file for unemployment.
  • We pay the employer portion of all federal, state and local taxes as well as withhold and file all of the relevant paperwork and monies to cover the employee’s compensation taxes.

Bonding and Insurance

As an extra measure of protection for our clients, all of our employees are insured for coverage related to any liability or theft that may arise related to caregiving.