Our NIHCA Accreditation

Accreditation establishes responsible service delivery practices that strengthens the provider’s credibility. This gives consumers the ability to maintain a level of trust in the organization, which is essential to greater customer satisfaction and continued client loyalty. 

National Institute for Home Care Accreditation

The National Institute for Home Care Accreditation, Inc. (NIHCA) accreditation is an essential tool to finding a safe, reliable, quality home care provider. Because, NIHCA accredited home care providers have met stringent standards of care designed with consumer protection as a central purpose.

The Standards of Accreditation require the provider organization to:

  • Be licensed
  • Have sound financial practices with adequate business and liability insurance
  • Ensure that the caregiving team are employees of the organization
  • Be in compliance with all laws and regulations governing home care, the employment of their caregiving employees, and non-discrimination practices
  • Make sure the care recipient is fully informed about the service provided
  • Monitor safety in order to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Train all caregiving employee so they are competent and capable of providing the best care safely
  • Supervise the caregivers and the service to make sure the needed care is being provided correctly 
  • Use proven professional practices to ensure the care is effective and remains appropriate to the consumer's needs
  • Assess the performance of the company so they can make improvements in the services delivery
  • Adhere to truth in advertising

Most importantly the organization undergoes a rigorous assessment of their operation that includes and on-site visit by a surveyor to determine the organization compliance with the Standards of Accreditation. This direct contact at the home care provider’s office gives you and NIHCA further assurance that the organization not only complies with, but will continue to meet the Standards of Accreditation.

When you use a NIHCA accredited provider you will receive a:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your need for care at home by a professional
  • Service plan that outlines the tasks to be performed so everyone knows what is expected
  • Chance to ask questions and be informed about your service
  • Trained and supervised caregiver employee
  • Case Supervisor who will oversee the caregiver employee and reassessment of your needs
  • Qualified point of contact to answer your questions, help you manage your schedule and help solve problems

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